10 Ideas to choose color that matches a wooden floor

Wooden floors is a popular choice for most homes. The wood in the decoration gives a warmth and a timelessness to the rooms where it is placed. Especially in the living room and bedroom, it is very possible to see a beautiful wooden floor.

Wondering what wall color matches a wooden floor? Do not despair! We are here to suggest you the 10 top shades that match the wooden floors perfectly.

What wall color matches a wooden floor? Top 10 ideas!

1. White wall paint with wooden floor

One of the most classic and minimal combinations that you can find in most homes, is the white color on the walls. The white color will illuminate your home, while it is easily combined with any shade of wooden floor, from the darkest to the lightest.

2. Black wall paint with wooden floor

If you want to give a modern and rock note to your space, then do not hesitate to paint your wall black. Black can be the perfect shade for a wooden floor and is a choice that will surely motivate you to become more creative with your home decor.

3. Gray wall color with wooden floor

Another very classic but at the same time very modern option is to combine your wooden floor with a gray wall. Gray is a neutral color that can take off the style of your home. Try to combine the gray color on your wall with a gray shade on your wooden floor and the result will impress you.

4. Brown wall color with wooden floor

Perhaps one of the best choices you can make when you have a wooden floor and want to paint your wall, is brown. Brown is a very warm shade, which will go perfectly with any wooden floor if you have chosen.

5. Beige wall paint with wooden floor

A very popular choice for houses with wooden floors is the beige wall. Beige is a fairly easy color that can be ideally combined even with wooden floors in darker shades.

Tip: For each wooden floor there is the appropriate shade of beige that fits.

6. Orange wall color with wooden floor

Orange is a vibrant color that adds vitality and enhances the feeling of warmth created by the wooden floor. For a natural and timeless result, try painting your wall in more earthy shades of orange that lightly brown and you will give another mood to your space.

7. Green wall paint with wooden floor

Green and coffee are a combination that comes straight from nature. If you want to create a more tropical atmosphere in your home, then do not hesitate to paint your walls in shades of green. It will combine perfectly with the wooden floor.

8. Dark blue wall color with wooden floor

If you want to feel a sense of calm and relaxation again when you enter your home, then an ideal shade for the walls is dark blue. It will give a more serious style to your space while it fits perfectly with any shade of wood you like.

9. Blue wall color with wooden floor

Blue is a cool color that will bring a more summery mood to your home. It is a very bright and cheerful shade of blue that will give an island air, especially if combined with lighter wood shades.

10. Purple wall paint with wooden floor

Purple is considered a classy color that exudes luxury. Definitely a special suggestion to paint your wall. If you decide to combine the wooden floor with the purple color, then it would be best to switch to darker shades, such as plum. Such an option will give a particularly elegant result.

We hope we helped you with your question what wall color matches a wooden floor. If you want to paint the walls of your house without fatigue and effort, contact Montclair Roofing & Contracting.

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